My job - and that of the team I was leading (agency: eightytwenty) - was to conceive the digital execution of the ATL campaign created by Mike Garner and Ogilvy Dublin.
The campaign itself was a departure from previous comms for Trocaire, to connect with a larger audience on a more emotional level and drive support for its various initiatives.
Until Love Conquers Fear, Trocaire's new creative platform, tells the story of their mission: to strive to eradicate injustice around the world. It also tells of their belief that love is both the reason and the solution.
We took this message, and the beautifully crafted images created by Mike and his team, and extended the narrative across digital creative.
The core of our strategy was two pronged: to educate and to drive donations. Education was achieved through emotional accounts of Trocaire's mission to fight injustice caused by war, misogyny, lack of access to resources, and many other factors. Those stories were told across a wide array of linear and interactive ads and content pieces on social media. They were also brought to life on an immersive website which visitors explored in a non-linear fashion.
The drive for donations was carried out by single-minded ads and content which told specific stories illustrating the need for help. The website itself engaged with visitors around specific causes which they could learn about and choose to assist in.
Role: Creative Direction, Digital Strategy, Art Direction
Campaign concept: Mike Garner
Design: Gustavo Richieri & eightytwenty Studio

Main TVC, developed by the ATL team

Summary of creative strategy for digital channels

High-level proof of concept for the immersive website

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