alexis bouckaert
Senior creative consultant

- Creative Director to lead in-house and agency projects
- Solo freelance creative resource
- Training for in-house creative departments

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I'm a senior creative resource for brand teams, internal studios and agencies. I work remotely, in-house (less so of late, obviously...), solo or as a team lead. I develop creative strategies, concepts and training for my clients. The majority of my work has a strong digital component, as well as Art Direction.

With over 15 years as an agency Creative Director, I know how to create great work, fast. And my more recent experience as a Consultant working directly with in-house brand teams and studios has given me invaluable  insights into their specific needs and ways of working.

My clients have ranged most industries, with a focus on FMCG, Alcohol, Telcos and Financial Services. I’ve also always had a personal affinity for charities, NGOs and health related initiatives.

Previous positions include Creative Director in eightytwenty (WPP), Rothco (Accenture Digital) and In the Company of Huskies.


1. Creative strategy and pitching; concept development (art & copy); creative development

The effective and award-winning campaigns I’ve launched for brands demonstrate my ability to create a creative message which works fluidly across all media channels. However, while my approach to creative strategy is media-neutral, the hard core of my background is in digital creative, especially applied to interactive platforms, games, content, display and digital innovation.

2. Digital strategy and eco-stystems; vehicle strategies; UX/UI; technical build supervision

I’ve been helping clients communicate within the new media landscape since the days before Bebo. I absolutely love helping brands innovate how they communicate and interact with their audience.

3. Building, directing and mentoring diverse and multidisciplinary departments that merge creative and production

I love craft and hands-on work, but I also have a passion for - and strong track record of - building and leading creative departments. Since going out on my own, I've been training teams both sides of the fence, focusing on themes such as: Creativity within the Digital Space, Presentation Skills, Creative Leadership...
In Ireland:
APMC, AIM, DMA (inc. Best Agency x4), ICAD, Kinsale, Spiders

Cannes nomination, Cannes exhibition, Coca-Cola Worldwide Marketing
Awards, D&AD exhibition, Eurobest, Lurzer’s Archive feature, MAA Globe Award, Webby nomination, Warc Prize for Social Strategy

If you've a tricky digital project, or maybe a fully integrated brief...or a team which needs a bit of TLC and mentoring/ways of working...
don't hesitate to get in touch!
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