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Sullivan's is both
Kilkenny’s newest and more ancient brewery. Revived by the Sullivan and Smithwick families after almost a century, it's on a mission to take on the world of craft beer by storm.
The brewery's purpose is clear. To always do the right thing and focus on craft and substance above all else. What the brand needed was a way to articulate its raison d'être and bring it to life. A way to express the sense of heritage, provenance and duty that comes when Kilkenny's two great brewing dynasties rally around a shared tradition and purpose. To show that doing the right thing, and crafting amazing Kilkenny beer is in their blood.
Here are some examples of this being applied to Social Media content.
Role: Creative Direction, Brand Platform
Art Direction: Peggy O'Neill
Copy: Peter McGann, Cian McCaughey
Design & Animation:
Gustavo Richieri

Post copy:
Brewing’s in our blood, but gambling definitely isn’t. In 1918 one of us lost the whole brewery on a horse in Deauville to try and impress a woman. We learnt our lesson: we only bet on the dogs now.

Post copy:
A nod to our legendary womenfolk brewers of old! Kilkenny’s 17th century brewsters were commonly given the nickname “alewives” as they’d brew up batches of red ale from their cottages. Our kind of women!! 😍🍺

Post copy:
This guy is a personal hero of ours; the more we learn about him the more we love him.
During the dark days of the famine, Richard Sullivan became a champion of the great Kilkenny people. By day, he was a simple ale brewer. But by night, he opened the doors of the brewery and doled out soup to the hungry. A real-life superhero!

Post copy:
Kilkenny is a town with no end of creepy yarns. Like this one about the sentry of Foulksrath Castle, who fell asleep on the clock and instead of being handed the P45, was thrown off the castle battlements to his death. They say you can still hear his footsteps echo on the Kilkenny streets, and that’s why we always leave out a midnight pint in our Tap Room on Halloween.

Post copy:
If you’re in charge of the turkey this year, why not baste your turkey in Sullivan’s Red Ale, like this lad did! Your family will thank you for it!

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